Best 2014 Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Have you ever took a shower only to find out that there is no hot water? I’m sure you have just as everyone else, but if you use a tankless water heater you will never have a problem with running out of hot water. The way they operate is by a burner heating up a pipe and when the water flows through it is heated up almost instantly. With normal tank water heaters the whole tank of water has to be heated up which means that once the tank is empty you have no more hot water. Why people would live with cold water in the year 2014 I have no idea but by reading my tankless water heater reviews below you will know what brands are the best available on the market today.


Top Tankless Water Heater Reviews


Below are some of the best tankless water heaters available from the top brands in the industry. You really can’t go wrong with choosing from one of these models or even one of close resemblance depending on the needs of your home.

Rheem RTE 13 Electric

The best feature of this tankless water heater is the fact it can fit almost anywhere. This means this model can be used in your home, boat, rv, hotel, office, etc. Literally anywhere you need hot water you can rely on this bad boy. While it might be small in stature this water heater can supply continuous hot water without letting up.

Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric

With the Smart Technology that Ecosmart is bringing this model can work in climates with temperatures reaching 37 degrees. This is great for cold climates where other water heaters might start malfunctioning. The Eco 27 can actually produce up to 3 gallons per minute at 37 degrees as well. This model is also the biggest tankless water heater around so no wonder it has the great tankless water heater reviews that it does. Another great aspect of Ecosmart is the fact it is so efficient and can save you 50% on your hot water costs. This model is great for high hot water needs such as roman jacuzzi’s and for anywhere in the northern United States.

tankless water heater reviews

These two brands are my overall favorite and I always recommend them for anyone who asks. You really can’t go wrong with either but if you decide to buy something else just make sure to read the tankless water heater reviews to ensure you get the best product available.


How to Find The Best Water Softener

Finding the Best Water Softener


When it comes to getting the right water softener for your home, there are many important factors you must consider. You need to figure out how much you’re willing to spend, how many people are in your home, and how much space you have to install one. Water softeners come in all different prices, ranging anywhere from $500 to $1,500. Just remember to not let a high price tag fool you; some of the higher-priced models aren’t any better than the lower-priced models. Just make sure to look at the specifications of each model to find one fits what you need best.


You also need to remember how many people are in your home. If there are just a few people living in your household, then a small water softener will do just fine. If there are many people in your home then you might want to look into getting a dual tank system. This allows you to constantly have soft water in your household since while one tank is regenerating the other tank still produces soft water. Each company has many different sized units so finding the right size should never be a problem.

water conditioners

Many people install their water softener in their garage, but wherever you install yours you need to make sure there is appropriate space. You never want to buy a water softener then realize that it is too big to fit were you want it to. If you are having a certified technician install your unit in your home then there is nothing to worry about. If you happen to be installing the unit yourself then you want to make the appropriate precautions. Make sure to map out the new unit in your home to make sure it will fit, if it won’t then just find a smaller water softener.


 How to Find the Right Water Softener


The last step you need to take when buying a water softener is looking at their water softener reviews. People from all over the world tell you exactly what they do and don’t like about the particular water softener they have. All you have to do is look around the Internet a little to find a site that will give unbiased reviews on water conditioners. Reading what other people have to say is a good way to find out if that particular water treatment is right for you. Also make sure to weed out any products that don’t have high ratings. Chances are if all the ratings for a particular water softener are low then that product is no good. Some of the top brands to look out for are Fleck, Culligan, and Kinetico. These brands are well trusted among people and always deliver top-quality products. If you have a problem with anyone of their systems they also have top-of-the-line customer service. Finding parts for these units are also readily available so if you happen to run into a problem it should be easily fixable. Getting rid of hard water is always a life changer so hopefully you can find the right softener or conditioner for your house in no time.

Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic water treatment has been around for a very long time and has recently been taking up in popularity all around the world. Some people even go as far to say that magnetic water softeners of today have better technology and therefore work better. This form of water treatment has spread to many developed countries which is very good. In Europe many businesses refuse to use chemical methods of softening water and would rather go with methods better for the environment.

See magnetic water softeners use absolutely no chemical ingredients and this helps keeps the world clean. The way a magnetic water treatment system operates is by delivering an electrical pulse into the water that keeps lime scale from forming for multiple hours. Eventually the lime scale will reform so anywhere that water resigns for extended periods of time will still experiencing negative effects of hard water. Always make sure to read your water conditioner reviews before making a purchase. When dealing with magnetic water conditioners you have to make sure that the product you’re getting does what they say it does.


How Lime Scale is Created


If you have hard minerals in your water then you will need to worry about excessive damage being done to your house over time. Not to mention the damage you will cause your skin and hair. You also need to what worry about the cash you will have to put out to repair your plumbing fixtures, clothes, and water-based appliances. water treatment

How Hard Water is a Nuisance

Hard water is made up of magnesium and calcium as well as other impurities. These minerals form lime scale that can ruin everything it comes in contact with.
When all the minerals block the passage of water in your pipes you will need to worry about a very expensive bill. This also goes along with all the other damage you have to worry about all clients and equipment that uses water

Don’t forget all the damage to your laundry such as towels, sheet’s, comforters, and clothes. Hard water will ruin clothes over time and even cut the life in half by 50%. With all the money you will be throwing out the window by not having a magnetic water softener, it seems only smart to get one.

Water Softener vs Water Filter

When it comes to water softeners vs water filters, there are a few important key differences you should know. For one, water softeners work by getting rid of the hard minerals that are in your water. Water filters work by purifying your water to get rid of all the impurities make it safe for drinking. The minerals that make up hard water, calcium and magnesium are not only safe for drinking, but actually healthy for you. Water filters don’t take out these minerals because there is no need to. The reason water softeners take these minerals out is because of the negative effects that a cause on your body and your household. While these minerals are good to drink, they are very bad for both your skin and hair.


If you know all the negative effects of hard water, you want to get rid of them, then a water softener is the right choice for you. If you just want healthier drinking water then you should look into purchasing a water filter. There are many different kinds of water filters such as reverse osmosis, under sink water filters; you can even buy water pitchers. What you decide to buy depends on your price range and how pure you want your water to be.

water softener vs water filter

When buying a water softener there are many different brands and models available so you will have to look around. Make sure to read your water softener reviews before buying any particular system. The only difference between all these water softeners is some are more efficient than others and some are bigger. Make sure you have the appropriate space in your home before buying a unit. No matter if you decide to buy a water softener or a water filter, the water in your house will be much better.

Benefits of Soft Water

Today I will be discussing all the benefits that soft water has on you and your home. Many people want to know before buying a water softener what exactly soft water does for your home that is so beneficial. People don’t just want to know that soft water is good in hard water is bad, they want to know what it actually does and that’s what we’re here to tell you. To start with, water softeners and conditioners are good for your hair and skin, the soft water causes them to feel softer and appear more smoothly. Many people decide to get water treatment for this simple fact alone. Going back to hard water after experiencing what soft water does for your body is not an easy task. Another added bonus is that your dishes come out of your dishwasher appearing much cleaner without the stains from hard water. Many people hate dealing with hard water spots on the dishes and shower doors so this is a nice added bonus. Also don’t forget that soap lathers much better with soft water then hard water. Hard water can actually cut this effect in half which causes you to buy soap and detergent much more frequently.


You might not know this, but the minerals from hard water get stuck in the fabrics of your clothes and cause them to feel much rougher. With soft water your clothes will feel a lot softer and cleaner which is always a good thing. This is really great when you wash the sheets and comforters. All of the water-based appliances in your home will also last much longer without hard water. The minerals from hard water also slowly destroy those appliances and cause you to replace them more often. All the money you save from buying a water softener almost makes the purchase worth it alone.

So Many Benefits of Soft Water


Another thing you have to worry about is when you take a shower or bath the soap begins to form scum on your floor. This causes your shower or tub to appear far dirtier and also have a sticky feel to it. This is very nasty will also cause you to waste cleaning products. You also have to worry about lime scale that will form in your plumbing fixtures you can eventually lead to thousands in repairs. With all these negative effects of hard water it seems easy to understand why millions of switching to using water softeners.